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  SARBC Youth

The mission is to build in young people consistent Godly character, which by its very nature, is spiritually growing and maturing into a strong, evangelizing adult, equipped to witness and disciple souls for Christ.

This primary objective will be done through what we will call the life cycle of a teenager. The goals are basically fourfold and reach its true success when the teenagers are able to duplicate the life change of God’s Word in those around them.

  • The building of Godly character through proper Bible-based decision-making.
  • The strengthening and equipping of teens spiritual abilities for their own maturity and the edifying of the church.
  • The reaching of lost souls, discipling of new converts, and fellowship of all within the group and church.
  • The fellowship of teenagers for the building of moral and spiritual values, and strengthening of their convictions and beliefs.

    It is the continual cycle of these four key elements that is at the heart of what I feel God would have them learn at this pivotal time of their life. It is the aim of the youth program, not to take teenagers away from the family, but to assist the family in training them in the ways of God and protecting them from the threat of Satan. It is his desire to ruin and destroy our efforts. No good can come to him and his cause if either one of us is successful. I believe it has long been his goal to “divide and conquer” the Church and its families by posing one against the other. Let one thing be known, we are on the same side, raising the children of this church in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord”, ready to love God, serve Him, and able to defeat the “wiles of the Devil”.

  • We want your child to love coming to church. Understanding that toddlers and preschoolers are active learners, we offer a variety of teaching opportunities to learn about the Bible while having lots of fun.

    The Children’s Ministry exists to direct kids into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to inspire them to worship Him daily. Leaders will provide opportunities for them to relate with other kids and equip them to serve God through their gifts and abilities. As kids begin to connect God’s truth to their lives, they will be challenged to tell others in their community about Christ.

    The Teen Ministry of SARBC is designed to meet the needs of today’s Active teenagers. It is a place where teens are accepted and loved, and can build friendships that will last a lifetime. We offer a wide range of services, activities, trips, and events that are sure to make your teen years the BEST years of your life! If you want a youth group where you can build friendships, GROW in the Lord, and be part of a team...then you have to check us out!
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